5 ways to be productive at a conference


Think back to the last conference you attended. You were excited about attending; by the people you would meet, the information you would absorb and the motivation you would feel. However, upon your return, all that good stuff faded into the background as the busyness of work crept back into your life.

Let’s change all that for you.

Let’s make the next conference you attend time well spent.

Here’s how to ensure your investment of time, money and energy has a big return.

Prepare before you get there

Getting ready starts long before you step into the conference room. Doing some pre-work will make a huge difference to your conference experience.

Some conferences circulate an attendee roster in advance. At the very least you’ll know who the speakers will be. This is the perfect opportunity to make some strategic virtual introductions and connect on social media. If there is an online forum, introduce yourself and start sharing.

“What do you do?”

This is the million dollar question at every conference. Practice introducing yourself. Remember, you have 15 seconds to make an impression so ensure your description is clear and every word is meaningful and evokes interest.

Stock up on business cards

Bring at least 250 cards with you and make sure you have them with you at all times. You never know who you will meet and where you will be when you meet them.

Resist the email-checking urge

Email will only distract you from your conference experience. Set your out-of-office notification in your email system. Let everyone know you are away and will answer emails at the end of each business day.

Stay rested and nourished

Take advantage of those comfortable hotel beds and make sure you get your sleep. For you to be focused during the conference sessions, it’s important that you feel well rested. Resist eating heavy or spicy foods. These will slow you down and make you feel sluggish.


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