5 things to consider when choosing your next office chair

chairConsider this … you spend at least 6 hours a day sitting at your desk. I’m not going to go into all the reasons why sitting is bad for you and what it’s doing to your body.

What I am going to share are five things that are important when assessing your own desk chair, or when you’re buying a new one.

1. Comfort is key – The only thing a hard chair will do for you is give you a sore butt. Have a cushioned chair with breathable fabric.


2. Arm rest – This is a place for your arms to hang out when you’re not using the keyboard or mouse. When at rest, your arms should be low enough to relax your shoulders and your elbows should be at a 90 degree angle.


3. Seat height – The seat of your chair needs to be adjustable. Adjust it so your feet are flat on the floor, your thighs are parallel to the floor and hips are at a 90 degree angle.


4. Back rest – Often overlooked, the back of your chair needs to be adjustable up and down and the angle. Keep the angle forward to keep your posture up … the further back the more you’ll slouch. The back of your chair should also have lumbar support for your lower back.


5. Swivel and roll – Having a chair that moves is key because reaching for things on your desk puts strain on various areas of your body.


So if your body is telling you it’s time for a change, use this checklist to assess and adjust your current chair, or when you’re at the store buying a new one.

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