5 simple ways to stay productive this summer

 5 simple ways to stay productive this summerI’ve just returned from a weekend with my family at a beautiful resort in the country. Two full days of swimming, horseback riding, kayaking and ice cream. It was just what we needed to get in the mood for summer.

Those lazy, hazy, crazy days are just around the corner. The time of year when your attention dips, projects stall and clients are away on holidays. In other words, your productivity heads straight for the toilet.

Here are 5 things you can work on to stay productive this summer and make sure you’re a step ahead when September comes around.

1.  Declutter your office

How many times have you promised yourself you’ll clean up your office? Take a day and scan away all the paper, get your digital files organized, and empty your downloads folder.

2.  Get your inbox under control

Do you dream of an inbox that doesn’t cause you stress and overwhelm every time you open it? Take a few hours this summer to make your dream a reality. Attend a virtual Get Your Inbox to Zero workshop hosted by Think Productive.

3.  Read

Summer is the perfect time to catch up on your reading. Remember all those articles you’ve bookmarked in your To Read folder? Find the nearest lawn chair, park yourself in it with a cool beverage and get reading.

4.  Update your Contact List

Do you have stacks of business cards in a drawer, on your desk or in your briefcase? Dust them off and get them into your master contact list or CRM. Purge any lost leads, follow up with prospects and book some lunch dates on the patio.

5.  Check in with your business goals

Back in January, you may have set some goals for the year. Summer is the halfway point and a good time to check in to see if you’re on track.

The summer doesn’t have to be a productivity write off.  Tweet that!

Embrace the slow pace, drink in the sunshine and warmth, and check off some big tasks.

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