5 crazy things I do to recharge when I’m sick of working

5 crazy things I do to recharge when I'm sick of workingIt’s 9:15 am and I already know I’m going to have one of those days. The kind where the easiest task feels like a chore. The kind of day where I feel really, truly L.A.Z.Y.

Sound familiar?

When I feel this mood set in, I know it’s time for a boost; otherwise, I’ll spend my time procrastinating, getting distracted and wasting time.

Here are 5 crazy things I do when I’m sick of working and have to recharge to get things done.

  1. Play Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars  and dance around my office. Loud music is so energizing for me.  Pick your best tune, put it on, crank it up and feel your energy return.
  2. Eat chocolate.  Yes, I know … sugar is bad for you … but n.o.t.h.i.n.g. will keep me away from my beloved Bernard Callebaut! Bribe yourself with something sweet and decadent.
  3. Take my work on a field trip. Changing my surroundings can be the answer to creating productive momentum. A coffee shop, library or even a park bench on a warm sunny day is just the thing. Where is your favourite spot?
  4. Pomodoro me!  Working towards a 25-minute deadline helps keep me focused. Interested in learning what a Pomodoro? Check out this video where I explain it.
  5. Call it quits.  Yep, sometimes the most productive thing I can do is to stop working. I’ll pack it in for the day and watch a movie, hang out with a friend or take Lucy for a walk.

Remember, you’re not an energizer bunny. You are human. It’s okay to recharge and renew.  The work will still be there tomorrow!

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