30 powerful messages to help you work + live better

30 powerful messages to help you work + live betterHave you ever gone to an event and been blown away by the people, speakers and content? You arrive back into the real world, motivated, inspired and renewed.

I’m still on the post-conference high from the Women in Leadership + Business Conference, where I was asked to speak on productivity. For two days I was in the company of thought leaders, game changers and motivators.

While I was there I kept thinking of you. Specifically, how best to share all that I’ve learned to help you work better and with more ease. While this is by no means a comprehensive list, it gives you a glimpse into some powerful messages that will inspire you to work (and live) better.

  1. Your mindset is key to your success.
  2. You learn who you are by what you don’t achieve.
  3. If you want people to trust you, be consistent.
  4. Tell people about your results.
  5. There isn’t only 1 way to succeed. Figure out what YOUR success looks like.
  6. Use movement as your medicine.
  7. The lessons are often in the failures.
  8. Create situations where you can be memorable.
  9. Celebrate your wins.
  10. Always go above and beyond.
  11. Write your own personal marketing brand.
  12. As long as you’re growing and learning, age doesn’t matter.
  13. Explore how to leverage your business through digital technology.
  14. Innovation is the new currency.
  15. Tech for the sake of tech is not what customers want.
  16. Small steps can make a big impact.
  17. Being calm and in control is the key to productivity.
  18. Disrupt the business you’re in.
  19. Always seek to improve your customer’s experience.
  20. Don’t keep a good idea down.
  21. Design your social media posts to be shareable and findable.
  22. Social media is a marathon not a sprint.
  23. Create an emotional connection online.
  24. Presentations are more about engagement than content.
  25. Great meetings are the result of having a clear goal.
  26. Create meetings that people WANT to go to.
  27. Stay focused to keep your day from disappearing.
  28. Body language accounts for 55% of what a person understands about your message.
  29. Build your personal brand online.
  30. Invest in conferences, not lattes.

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