3 ways to create a beautiful inner business

PaintingThere once was a boy named Steve. He was painting the fence around his house. When his dad came outside to inspect his work, he said, “Steve, you did a great job on the front side of the fence, but you didn’t do such a good job on the back side of the fence.”

Steve said, “Dad, that’s because no one will see the back side of the fence.”

To which his dad replied, “We will.”

Powerful message.

The Steve in this story is the late Steve Jobs. He took this philosophy of excellence and made it the cornerstone of Apple. He instructed his technicians to build a computer that was just as beautiful on the inside as it was on the outside.

Why should your business be any different?

You’re a busy professional. You’re great at what you do. Your day is spent servicing your clients. On the outside, you rock.

But what about the inside of your business?

Does it sparkle and shine? Are you as organized and in control while you’re inside your business as you are when you meet with your clients? Does the inside of your business reach the level of excellence that you present every day to your clients? (Tweet this!)

If you answered no to any of these questions, here are three areas you can start with to change and streamline your inner business:

1. Client Intake

Create a process to welcome new clients into your business. Doing so ensures you’ve considered all the questions they may have about working with you. It also provides you with valuable information about them that you can use throughout your time together.

On the outside it shows:

check-boxthey are valued and you care

check-boxyour professionalism and attention to detail

On the inside it enables you to:

check-boxkeep this information in your contact management system for future reference

check-boxhave peace of mind in knowing you’ve covered all the housekeeping details

2. Project Management

Most projects derail due to poor communication. Ensuring everyone involved is informed of deliverables, responsibilities and deadlines is crucial to a project’s success. Whether you use a spreadsheet or software, having a reliable project management system will make this happen.

On the outside it shows:

check-boxyou are in control of the project

check-boxhow the project will be delivered on time and on budget

On the inside it enables you to:

check-boxdefine the parameters and scope of the work

check-boxmake sure the time and effort spent matches the money billed

3. Invoicing

Money is the lifeblood of your business. The reality is this: if we don’t get paid, we don’t have a business. Having professionally-branded invoices that are delivered on time goes a long way in conveying the right message.

On the outside it shows:

check-boxyou take your business seriously

check-boxyou value your worth by delivering invoices on time

On the inside it enables you to:

check-boxtrack outstanding invoices

check-boxmanage your cash flow

Starting with these three areas of your business will get you well on your way to making sure your business is covered on both sides – front and back.

Now I want to hear from you.  How do you ensure your inner business sparkles and shines? Share you comments below and continue the conversation.

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