3 ways to beat email bloat

If your email inbox makes you feel bloated it’s time to take action by doing these three things.

I just returned from a weekend full of junk food, wine and my beloved partner in crime … chocolate. It was no surprise when I put on my “work” clothes I felt that uncomfortable feeling of tightness. Can you relate?

Since then, my days have been full of drinking lots of water, eating healthy foods and removing all chocolate from the house (drastic times call for drastic measures!)

I now feel empowered.  Why? Because I have taken action to do something about the situation.

This is why inboxes and bellies aren’t so different …

When we don’t give our bellies and our inboxes the care and attention they need, they quickly become overloaded, overwhelmed and overextended.  Physically, we start to feel the same unpleasant effects that come next: tightness, discomfort and embarrassment.

There is no medicine you can take to deal with the emails in your inbox, but there is another solution.

Are you a Binger or a Dasher when it comes to managing your email?

I believe there are two types of people in the world when it comes to email: Dashers and Bingers. Here’s the difference:

A Binger:

  • checks their email inbox every hour (at least once)
  • gorges on low-value emails (social media posts, jokes from friends, things that can wait)
  • has an overflowing inbox full of emails (most that have already been read)
  • feels bloated, uncomfortable, stressed and would never let anyone peek inside their inbox

A Dasher:

  • opens their email inbox at set times in the day
  • processes their email by taking  specific action for each email
  • keeps their email inbox at zero
  • feels healthy, in control and proudly shows off their inbox

Take a minute to look at the traits of each and determine which sounds more familiar to you.

Your shortcut this month

Your Shortcut this month is to transform your email habits into those of a Dasher. Here are 3 easy steps to get you started:

1.  Change your mindset when it comes to email. Instead of checking your email (which implies procrastination + wasted time) move to processing your email (which implies decision + action).

2.  Approach every email as actionable. For every email you will take one of these actions:

  • Do – if takes fewer than 2 minutes to accomplish.
  • Delete – if it doesn’t apply to you or is of any use.
  • Defer – if it takes more than 2 minutes to accomplish.
  • Delegate – if it’s for someone else to accomplish.

3.  Set specific times to do your email processing dashes and set a time limit. (Hint: processing email first thing in the morning isn’t advised.)

By doing these 3 things, you’ll notice a huge improvement to your email inbox. And a happy inbox means a happy belly!


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