3 steps to investing your time wisely

investing your timeI have a confession. I am addicted to the TV show Gilmore Girls. (Yes, I’m late to the game since it’s been off the air for a number of years … thank you Netflix). I binge-watched the whole first season in a matter of days. My family saw this as a huge waste of time.

Which made me think of you.

You have 1,440 minutes in a day. Are you spending it on activities that give you instant gratification but in the end are just a waste of those precious minutes? Things like watching bad TV shows (not Gilmore Girls, think reality TV), gossiping or social media.

That is time you will never get back.

Here are 3 ways you can invest your time wisely to achieve a higher than average ROI on your time spend.

The 3Ps of investing your time

1. Plan – Use your time to develop an action plan for your day, week and year. This serves as a guide for how to use your time wisely and helps to keep you focused on what matters most. Having a Plan means looking at the big picture, creating SMART goals and objectives and creating steps to make it happen. Investing in a Plan will save you hours of time in the future.

2. Prioritize – This is often the trickiest area when it comes to investing your time. When you have a long list of things you want/must/have to accomplish, use my Secret Formula for Prioritizing Your Work. It will cut through the backlog and keep your time invested on the activities that will yield the highest return.

3. Prepare – Having what you need in advance helps you accomplish your work more efficiently and reduces stress. When you’re prepared for the day ahead you control your time instead of it controlling you. This could include researching a company or person before a meeting or having your reference notes on your computer desktop for the article you’re writing.

investing your time

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