3 small steps to organize the way you work

Organized OfficeMake this year count. Make these simple, positive changes to simplify the way your work.

Happy New Year!

Is this your first week back to work after the holidays?

Feeling a bit sluggish and a tad overwhelmed? Are you reflecting on those days of sleeping in, watching movies and eating cookies?

Me too.

When you look at the days and weeks ahead do you see a bunch of resolutions to keep, projects to accomplish and goals to achieve? Are you regretting how much you heaped onto your plate?Not to worry … and don’t give up. I’m here to help you achieve the most important resolutions you’ve made.

It’s all about making small, positive changes that will flex your most important muscles, get you in shape and position you to get into great work habits. 

And … it can be as simple as 1-2-3.

Are you ready?  Here we go …

Step 1 :: Get into the right mindset
No beating yourself up is permitted. Remember, you’re not the only one feeling overwhelmed and unsure whether you can do it. It may feel like everyone else is super organized and on track with their projects. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. None of us is a superhero. The trick is to stop judging yourself by comparing your inside to someone else’s outside. Tweet that.  Take a deep breath, think positive thoughts and move forward.

Step 2 :: Set your target zone
What’s the small habit you’re going to make that will bring about the greatest change?

Keen awareness and focus is needed here. You know you get distracted, we all do. But shake off the distractions, and zero in on one area of your work where you KNOW you need improvement.

Look around and start with the visible messes that are driving you crazy. It could administrative tasks, tracking time, task management … the list is endless. You may think you need to improve a bunch of things right away, and that’s okay. Write them all down and then pick the one area that matters most to your success.

Step 3 :: Make it a habit
The idea that creating a habit takes 21 days is a myth. Research shows that it takes at least 2 months to make a new behaviour stick. I’ll go one step further and say, that new behaviour has to be easy, effortless and have an immediate pay off.

Frame your new habit into something you can do in 60 seconds or less. For example, you may want to keep better track of your daily To Do items.  Instead of saying: “I will track my tasks better”, say this: “When I think of a new task, I will capture it in my Nozbe app.” 

Be patient with yourself. It’s not going to happen overnight, but being mindful of what you’re doing and how you’re working will have a big impact.

The trick is to keep it simple

These 3 steps will get you pointed in the right direction for organizing the way you work. Once you’ve tackled your one target zone, you’ll know what you must work on next. Having one achievement (or win) will put you on the right course to more successes.So, here’s to a year of being organized and in control of your workload.

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