3 Productivity turn offs

ProductivityThis week I spent an afternoon coaching a group of smart, successful financial planners. The number one issue they grappled with when trying to get their best work done was distractions.

Can you relate?

Does your workday get hijacked by unexpected tasks and emails? Do you feel like some days you’re constantly fighting fires and are unable to get your own priorities accomplished?

You’re not alone. So many people struggle with distractions. Some days it takes a coat of armour to protect your attention and focus.

Let’s change that for you. I’m going to show you three things you can turn off to successfully battle distractions, sharpen your focus and get your important work done.

1. Turn off notifications. These are the pings, dings and pop ups that invade your digital screens. Notifications are a big productivity killer and serve only to distract your attention. Shut these off and watch your productivity soar.

2. Turn off email. The idea of not jumping in and out of your inbox all day may have you shaking in your boots. I can relate. But once you get into the habit of spending more of your workday outside of your inbox, I guarantee you will get so much more work done. Process your inbox at set times and make it a rule to only dive in when you are prepared to take action.

3. Turn off your auto response. When someone asks you to do something, do you always say yes even when you want to say no?  Saying no can be difficult; you don’t want to be perceived as unhelpful. Here’s another way of looking at it: when you say yes to someone else you are saying no to your own priorities.


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