3 procrastination-busting strategies to get your work done

Chalkboard drawing - now or laterImagine this …

You get a call from your most important client. They need a project completed. You have 48 hours to get it done.

What would you do?

Push it to the side so you can cruise Facebook, respond to some emails and go work out?


You move mountains to get it done.

You’re a professional. Your clients come first. So you rearrange your schedule and get to work.

The question is this: why do you approach this scenario differently than when you have our own projects to do?

It simple, because you can. As business owners, we’re only accountable to ourselves for our own work.   And when it comes to our own work, we’re usually more flexible with delivery dates. What happens is we get really good at procrastinating.

But procrastination only leads to overwhelm. And who needs that when we’re running a successful business?

So let’s change all that. Follow these 3 simple steps and you’ll beat the procrastination bug once and for all.

3 steps to beat procrastination

  1. Be accountable. This is really important. Once you tell people about your project and announce the deadline, suddenly your project rockets to the top of your To Do list. Nothing makes you get work done more quickly than being accountable. So announce your project and deadline to the world or pay someone to hold you to your deadline. Whatever you have to do, do it.
  2. Build your get it done schedule. A fundamental part of any project is setting the work schedule. When creating your work schedule start with the deadline and work back from that date.   Estimate how much time you need to complete the project, then slot in time chunks. To be efficient, your time chunks should be about 90 minutes with a 20 minute break in between.
  3. Kill all distractions. Distraction is procrastination’s best friend.  If you know your home office is too distracting, move to another location like the library or a coffee shop. Turn off your phone and email notifications and get to work.

It’s amazing how much of your own work you can get done when you follow these 3 simple steps. Pick a project you’ve been putting off for a while and face it head on with these strategies.

Now it’s your turn

We all procrastinate. What are some excuses you use to avoid doing the tasks you don’t want to do? Are there any strategies you use to get over yourself and get your work accomplished? Leave your comment below and we’ll continue the conversation.


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