3 keys to efficiently working with your virtual team

processesDo you have a headache? As a business owner, you have so much stuff crammed into your head, it must feel like it’s going to burst. Creative ideas, new services, project deadlines are just a few things stored in there.

If you have, or are thinking about having, a virtual team, you must set them up for success. It’s easy for virtual team members (whether they are full time employees or subcontractors) to feel disconnected from your business. You have a mission and vision for bringing value to your clients. Keeping your virtual team informed, connected and committed can happen if you use these 3 keys:

1. Systemize your processes
Documenting workflow and office processes is essential for business growth. It’s time to extract these processes from your brain and write them all down: everything from how you send an invoice, to how you onboard a new client. It all gets documented and stored in your operations manual where everyone can access it.

2. Hold regular meetings
Lack of accountability is a productivity killer. Team meetings ensure projects move along smoothly and issues are resolved. Make sure you have an agenda (sent out prior) and capture all action items. An added benefit for virtual teams is everyone has a chance to feel more connected to each other and your business.

3. Keep communication lines open
In between meeting times, your virtual team may have questions or need clarification that requires immediate input. Move this dialogue out of the email inbox and into a communication system that allows tracking and follow up. Using Slack or project management software is key. (Caution: this can lead to interruptions and distractions if not used wisely. All team members must be aware of the boundaries for using instant messaging.)

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