27 ways to recharge over the holidays


There’s no doubt December is a busy month for you. But, before you put yourself into overdrive, trying to fill every moment with a task of some sort, remember the holidays are when your world actually slows down.

Being productive comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. I asked some of my clients and colleagues what they will be doing over the holidays to recharge their productivity batteries.

Here are the top 27 answers:

1. Take time for me
2. Take time for friends and family
3. Cut back on emailing
4. Catch up on a TV show
5. Declutter
6. Catch up on my reading
7. Exercise
8. Binge on social media
9. Enjoy the morning hours
10. Organize my photos
11. Learn how to use my smartphone
12. Write thank you notes
13. Learn how to do something new
14. Take a walk
15. Play a board game
16. Plan next year’s vacation
17. Listen to podcasts
18. Clean out my inbox
19. Volunteer
20. Clean up my office
21. Set goals for next year
22. Make long distance phone calls to friends and family
21. Upload pictures from my camera
22. Try a new recipe
23. Make dinner meals and freeze them
24. Clean off my computer desktop
25. Make plans for the future
26. Watch movies
27. Sleep in


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