10 warning signs of burnout

Matches on a row with one burnedAs an entrepreneur, chances are you’re a high achiever. Let’s face it, you have to be if your business is to succeed.

You’re passionate about what you do; however, that often comes at a price. It’s called burnout and if your business has ever felt “hard” to you, then you’re at risk.

What is burnout?

Burnout is often described as a prolonged period of time where a person experiences exhaustion and a lack of interest in things, resulting in a decline in their performance. The catalyst for burnout is stress left unchecked.

Is burnout knocking at your soul?

Before you can determine whether burnout has arrived, or is on the horizon, it’s helpful to know the warning signs. These signals can vary from one person to the next, but if you recognize any or all of these, it’s time to pay attention.

1. Exhaustion :: You can’t shake feeling tired all the time. It can come as physical, emotional and mental exhaustion.

2. Unmotivated ::  You find it extremely difficult to get yourself excited and motivated to work on any part of your business.

3. Disillusioned :: The cup has suddenly become half empty. Negative feelings, cynicism and frustration invade your moods.

4. Unfocused :: You find it difficult to concentrate and stay on course.

5. Grouchy :: You either get into conflicts with others or withdraw and don’t participate.

6. Insomnia :: Even though you feel exhausted, when your head hits the pillow you can’t fall asleep.

7. Illness :: When your body is in a constant state of stress it wreaks havoc on your immune system. This leaves you susceptible to colds, flus and other illnesses.

8. Mood :: You may feel trapped, on edge, tense, worried, sad or hopeless. All these moods have an effect on your overall ability to get your work done or to perform routine tasks.

9. Overload :: You can’t turn off your brain. Even when you’re not working you’re thinking and worrying about it.

10. Unhealthy habits :: You’re turning to coping strategies that aren’t healthy for your body or mind. You can’t resist a bag of chips, another glass of wine or a cigarette to help you get through the day.

Burnout has happened to all entrepreneurs at some level. Take comfort in knowing that you’re not alone and there are steps you can take to move beyond it.

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