​​​​​​​3 drinks to boost your productivity

3 drinks to boost your productivityThe end of summer means a few extra pounds have found their way to my waistline. I blame it on too much ice cream and wine! Can you relate?

I was whining about it to my BFF, Carol. Her solution was simple: drink.more.water.

Sounds easy but I find water incredibly boring to drink. That is, until I discovered it directly affects my productivity.

It turns out water makes your brain run more efficiently. When your brain is operating at peak performance, you get more accomplished. When you become dehydrated your brain tissue actually decreases leaving you feeling sluggish.

So in my quest to simplify water consumption, I came up with three drinks you can include in your day to help you stay energized and hydrated.

How to make hydration sexy

Coconut Water Smoothie (chilled)
If you want something quick and easy in the morning, a smoothie is your ideal breakfast. All you need is frozen fruit, leafy greens, ginger, coconut water, ice and a blender.

H20 Tip: Make a batch and keep it in the refrigerator.

Water through the day (cold)
Your body needs water to function at its peak potential. Your brain is 85% water, which means that a lack of water has a serious and significant impact on your mind and body.  Fill a pre-measured water bottle (I have a fancy glass one) with water and keep it at arm’s reach all day.

H20 Tip: Add lemon and basil to your water as a flavour enhancer.

Tea (hot)
Tea time is custom in some countries and typically occurs around 3:00 pm, just as your alertness and energy level dips. You may blame this energy lag on lunch, but in reality it’s a natural part of your circadian rhythm. It’s also the perfect time for a cup of tea. So take a break, grab a cup of the hot stuff and enjoy.

H20 Tip: Reach for an herbal tea to avoid caffeine.

3 drinks to boost your productivity

Next time you feel sluggish at work, think about how much water you have consumed during the day. Maybe that extra boost you need is as close as your nearest water cooler.

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