Cover_design_190px_wideJoint Venture Opportunity


Let’s change the way women mind their own businesses!

Cover of Beyond Burnout magazineYou’ve been invited to join me in a revolution to streamline + simplify the way women entrepreneurs run their businesses.

You’re a successful business owner. You’ve discovered how to maintain your sanity with so many balls in the air.  You’ve made it to the other side of burnout!

Your message is compelling. It inspires women to run their businesses more efficiently, which in turn moves them from burnout to breakthrough.

It’s time to share your message!

The premiere issue of Beyond Burnout launches on March 25! Want to join us?


Here are the benefits to you

  • The chance to profile your expertise and any upcoming program/product.
  • A beautifully designed online magazine (PDF) to be shared as a free value-packed resource to your audience.
  • Be  featured in the inaugural issue.
  • Be positioned as one of the true women in business to watch alongside 15 other highly successful women entrepreneurs.
  • A chance to share your success story with many new readers and remind your current fans why they adore you.

I’ve made it easy to tell your story

Each joint venture partner will:

  • Write a 50 – 150 word intro summarizing their turning point: the moment they realized they had to take action to avoid burning out.
  • Answer 5 – 7 questions about how they changed their business.
  • Provide a brief bio and headshot.
  • Share their mantra for running their business efficiently and effectively.

Important Dates + Next Steps

  1. If you haven’t already done so, send me an email to to let me know if you’re in (cue the applause!) or not.
  2. Deadline for confirmed JV Partners is February 10.
  3. Deadline for getting your materials to me is February 27.
  4. Bookmark the JV Partner HQ page, which contains everything you need to promote Beyond Burnout to your community. (Link comes when you say Count me in!)
  5. Schedule March 25 in your calendar for launch day and marketing the mag to your community!

Side Notes

  • Please be sure to check your marketing calendars in advance to ensure you’ll have time in your schedule for the promotion activities (taking place around the March 25 launch). I totally appreciate how busy you are!
  • JV Partners agree to send at least one solo email invitation to their list on Tuesday, March 25 and share Beyond Burnout via social media channels – i.e. Blog, Twitter, Facebook. (Not to worry, I’ll provide everything you’ll need to share this valuable new resource with your community – email scripts, blog posts, ready to go press release, social media blurbs, etc.)
  • I’m more than happy to schedule a brief phone call to go over the project and answer any questions that can’t be answered by email – or if you just want to learn a bit more about me and my biz.

Thank you so much!

I look forward to partnering with you on this exciting project.


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