Valeri Hall Little

“For me, burnout was like being on 
one of those spinning rides at the amusement park. I went around and around but I never got anywhere. I felt dizzy and I just wanted to get off the ride. It was a scary, out-of-control feeling.”

Valeri Hall Little

The Business Efficiency Architect

In 2008, I burnt out of my web consulting business.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, I had become overwhelmed by the business I had created. I was bored and everything about it felt hard.

It felt like drowning and looked like disorganization.

Stress blocked my mind and dampened my creative spirit. I was constantly on pins and needles waiting for all those balls I was juggling to come crashing down around me. Things were slipping through the cracks and everything seemed out of control.

I was working long hours and most weekends just trying to keep up and doing it all myself. Vacations were a thing of the past. I became grumpy, tired and no fun to be around.

So, I decided to organize my business.

My antidote for feeling frazzled had always been to declutter my surroundings, so that’s what I did. I got my inbox to zero, filed the paper piles on my desk and organized my digital documents. Doing so brought instant relief. It was glorious!

Streamlining my business didn’t feel like a chore. It was fun and came naturally to me. So much so, I took it up a notch and decided to put together my Business Playbook (a.k.a. Operations Manual) to map out all the systems that ran my business – from client intake to project management. Now THAT was fun.

Being organized had side effects.

I loved everything about having business systems in place. But most of all I loved how it made me feel. Suddenly, everything in my business seemed easy. I had more energy, more time and my stress level plummeted. I no longer felt like I was wasting valuable time searching for things and recreating the wheel with every new client.

Now that I had systems to support my back-end operations, I could clearly pinpoint the areas that needed to be automated, tasks that could be delegated and the tech tools I needed to do the heavy lifting. I had set up my business to run on autopilot.

My systems freed me from the daily grind of running my business.

I now had the space, time and clarity I needed to serve my clients and scale my business.

I was hooked. So I decided to learn everything I possibly could about organizing, systems and productivity. I immersed myself in business workflow improvement, I became a Trained Professional Organizer and began delivering productivity workshops. I was a true productivity geek and proud of it. I had found my passion and true calling.

Systems were my secret weapon.

All around me were entrepreneurs who were frustrated, exhausted and feeling trapped by the daily tasks of running their businesses. They told me it was draining their energy, stalling their business growth and compromising their service delivery to their clients. They were on the verge of burnout.

When I shared my secret about how systems and processes had made my business run smoothly, increased my income and caused my productivity to skyrocket, they wanted in on the action.

My new path.

I am now dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create organized, streamlined and efficient businesses so they can serve their clients, grow their business and make more money.

My clients are no longer spinning their wheels. They’re able to spend their workdays focused on doing their impactful work, achieving results for their clients and taking their businesses to the next level.

Let’s make that happen for you!


Let’s get started!